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Sommarhus i Hardanger

Sommarhus i Hardanger

Jag tror att jag har hittat mitt drömhus (har en känsla av att jag kommer säga det någon mer gång på den här bloggen). Huset är ritat av Tommie Wilhelmsen och Todd Saunders. Det byggdes under 2002-2003 och står någonstans vid Hardangerfjorden. Fasaden är gjord av lärkträd och vad som ser ut som plywood. Huset ska vara ekologiskt byggt, bland annat är det isolerat med returpapper och inga miljöfarliga behandlingsmedel ska ha använts. Fler bilder efter hoppet…

Sommarhus i Hardanger

Sommarhus i Hardanger

Sommarhus i Hardanger

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19 kommentarer till “Sommarhus i Hardanger”

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  • Chris Meisenzahl | måndag, december 3, 2007

    Beautiful, I like it! 😉

  • Mike Erickson | måndag, december 3, 2007

    Why does everyone think that have a simple, modern home mean that you have to have your bed on the floor? Also, it’s not a home, it doesn’t even have a bathroom. It is lovely tho.

  • se7en | måndag, december 3, 2007

    Romantic and beautiful, I like :)

  • Kat | måndag, december 3, 2007

    So serene… I imagine falling asleep there would be a breeze.

    Also, Mike, don’t you think a four poster bed would look silly here? Maybe if it was built into the wall, with a slab of wood coming out and then the blankets on that. But a traditional bed would seem out of place here.

  • Vinny | måndag, december 3, 2007

    It proyects as an intimate contemplative and spiritual space, that’s why it does not need anything more.

  • josh | måndag, december 3, 2007

    the bathroom is outside mike. don’t you understand the concept, simplicy and efficiency with nature. this is beautiful, a great way to get away from all the world.

  • tony | måndag, december 3, 2007

    Because pissing on trees is artful.


    But yeah, I agree – stop with the floor on the bed shtick. Why not design something else nice? I’m sure there are hundreds of capable artists or examples out there. But that’s digressing from the architecture… which is beautiful.

  • Laura | måndag, december 3, 2007

    My bed is a just a simple mattress on the floor,

    very uncomfortable because to get into it you have to kneel down.

  • master | måndag, december 3, 2007

    I think its pure end great. More information on and about this building on this website: enjoy :-)

  • super | måndag, december 3, 2007

    Great cabin!!! Love it.

  • Artemis | måndag, december 3, 2007

    this ’house’ is the symbol of simplicity ,what we need in our lives in order to escape reality.

  • celtikmind | måndag, december 3, 2007

    I’m with Mikey here…

    It can be nice AND functional, not just nice. That is, if it can be used and STILL look nice then it is truly beautiful.

    ”Escape” there for a while and I don’t think it will look so nice after some days of going to the loo in nature and cooking on the floor. Yes, it rains Norway too – or so I’ve heard. As architectural art, yes, it’s (just) nice.

  • M. Caemmerer | måndag, december 3, 2007

    how amazing would it be if there were a number of these little dwellings all together off the same deck?

    i would kill to live in a place like this for the summers!

    and to those above who don’t think cooking and going to the loo outdoors can be clean or beautiful, i have spent many weeks in the same campsite in the same tent and my surroundings were just as beautiful when i left as the day i arrived…

  • Wilmalie | måndag, december 3, 2007

    Beautiful and perfect for a single adventurous person who loves the wilderness, but not made for families nor to have any neighbors, which goes agaisnt this world’s evergrowing population. Modern, beautiful and romantic… but unreal for a society (which is definetely what the arquitect/owner are running away from).

  • Dana | måndag, december 3, 2007

    I appreciate this architect beautifully sited and integrated with the site a great location and view its a heaven for those in it!!

  • Joakim | måndag, december 3, 2007

    Mer från väst i Norge. Hotellet Juvet är ganska unikt (tror jag). Med egen kock.

    Vet inte om det ligger precis i angräsning till Hardangerfjorden, om inte så är det inte långt i från. Cirka 1 1/2-2h från Ålesund.

  • Daniel | måndag, december 3, 2007

    Juvet är otroligt, skrev ett inlägg om det för ett tag sedan:

  • Joakim | måndag, december 3, 2007

    Såg att du undrade hur det såg ut under andra årstider. Knut Bry som är en fantastisk norsk fotograf har tagit bilder för hotellet Du har en del vinterbilder här:

    Finns även ett par på (refresha browsern, är random bilder).

    Finfin blogg det här måste jag säga.
    Keep it up!

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