Prototyphuset Boxhome

Om du var i Oslo i september/oktober 2007 kanske du hade turen att se arkitektbyrån Rintala Eggertssons prototyphus Boxhome. Ett kompakt hus på 19 m² som trots sina få kvadratmeter innehöll fyra rum; kök med matdel, badrum, vardagsrum och sovrum.

Boxhome var ett försök/studie i att bygga ett smart hem med moderna bekvämligheter, men på färre kvadratmeter. Resultatet blev en modern, mysig bostad på 19 m² som enbart kostade ¼ av en motsvarande lägenhet. Ett mycket intressant projekt som jag gärna skulle se implementeras i större skala, mina tankar går till studentlägenheter. Massa bilder efter hoppet och om ni vill läsa mer om det så kan ni gör det här.

Plats: Oslo, Norge
Kund: Galleri ROM
Byggnadstyp: Hus (prototyp)
Byggår: 2007
Storlek: 19 m²
Arkitekt: Rintala Eggertsson Architects

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Foto: Are Carlsen

Foto: Are Carlsen

Foto: Are Carlsen

Foto: Sami Rintala

Foto: Ivan Brodey

Foto: Ivan Brodey

Foto: Ivan Brodey

Foto: Ivan Brodey

Foto: Ivan Brodey

Foto: Ivan Brodey

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35 kommentarer till “Prototyphuset Boxhome”

  • sasvaritamas | tisdag, januari 6, 2009


  • Piotr | tisdag, januari 6, 2009

    I really like that project. First I saw it and it took all of my attention. It would be really great to see that dwelling in europian cities. I am from Poland and looking for an apartment right now. If I had a chance to live in Boxhome I’d take it!

  • Nicholas Patten | tisdag, januari 6, 2009

    I’d love to film a movie scene here. great architect with a dark scene.

  • Nicholas Patten | tisdag, januari 6, 2009

    @mkammerer @JeffSays ya like a tree house for grownup kids. :)

  • Laura Babb | tisdag, januari 6, 2009

    Function over form, or form over function?!

  • Carl | tisdag, januari 6, 2009

    Wouldn’t do it in the city but definitely in the country side.

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    […] This is an incredible home concept by Norwegian firm Rintala Eggertsson Architects. It retains and absorbs heat, making it energy efficient in a cold climate. I love the contrast between the sleek metal exterior and the warm, wooden interior. […]

  • Zana Fauzi | tisdag, januari 6, 2009

    Compact homes are so sexy.

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    […] Like inserting your own rural cocoon into a world of urban hate. […]

  • Aaron Boucher | tisdag, januari 6, 2009

    It is a very ethereal space akin to a railroad car traveling at night.

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  • David Goli | tisdag, januari 6, 2009

    I like this design very much indeed, the wood looks fantastic,
    and it does appear to be reasonably spacious given it’s compact size.
    It might be nice to have some variation of materials though, although it
    looks quite cosy, I think the darkness would get to me after a few weeks of living in there.

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    […] Eine kleine feine Box mit sehr interessantem, wenn auch ultra minimalistischem Inhalt haben Rintalla Eggertson fuer eine Ausstellung in Oslo entwickelt. Klein aber fein! […]

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    […] looks a lot bigger than the exterior would suggest, even with the dark interior. Story and photos here. Posted By: Ardelean | Tags: architecture, Boxhome Related: The Selby56 Leonard St. by Herzog […]

  • phil | tisdag, januari 6, 2009

    sleep walkers would have seriose problems.

  • Une maison de 19 m² « Muuuz - Blog Architecture, Tendances, Inspiration | tisdag, januari 6, 2009

    […] La Boxhome est un prototype de maison compacte réalisé par Rintala Eggertsson pour la Galerie Rom à Oslo. Une étude inspirante aux espaces intérieurs étonnants. […]

  • Best MoCo Architecture This Week | Gocontempo Design Blog | tisdag, januari 6, 2009

    […] Rintala Eggertssons‘ Boxhome at Below the Clouds, “Boxhome is a 19 square meter dwelling with four rooms covering the basic living functions: […]

  • STARCHY | tisdag, januari 6, 2009

    uhmmmm where is the television?

  • evasèe » boxhome | tisdag, januari 6, 2009

    […] * Un proyecto en el cual el espacio (mínimo) se consigue aprovechar al máximo sin desmerecer la belleza de la propuesta por parte de la gente de Rintala Eggertssons una, estupenda maravilla. […]

  • Mr J | tisdag, januari 6, 2009

    I would love to have this model available in google sketchup, i would also like to see the house in a 40sqm model. But the bigger model maybe doesn´t fit in the designers eco thinking?


  • Preston | tisdag, januari 6, 2009

    I spend my life at the computer, and now I’m going to live in a computer tower? I kid. It took me a bit to warm up to these designs, but I am quickly coming around. But the interior is rather cold and grey, almost a post apocolypse feel.

  • Chacoura | tisdag, januari 6, 2009

    […] proposition est radicale, mais généralement, on préfère Ikea, ce qui est dommage. Il faut admirer ceux qui […]

  • edward macda rioja | tisdag, januari 6, 2009

    Reading: "Below The Clouds » Prototyphuset Boxhome" (

  • Ted Spalding | tisdag, januari 6, 2009

    Below The Clouds " Prototyphuset Boxhome…

  • so_white | tisdag, januari 6, 2009
    Below The Clouds " Prototyphuset Boxhome

  • 2BinspiredNL | tisdag, januari 6, 2009

    Below The Clouds » Prototyphuset Boxhome: via

  • georg rück | tisdag, januari 6, 2009

    Below The Clouds » Prototyphuset Boxhome: via

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    Below The Clouds » Prototyphuset Boxhome: via

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    [photo] Below The Clouds » Prototyphuset Boxhome: via

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  • Valentina Díaz B. | tisdag, januari 6, 2009

    @Panchitaaa mira poto

  • Robert | tisdag, januari 6, 2009

    Great concept, but I'd love to see you get permission for it in the UK – Prototyphuset Boxhome

  • Les carnets du design » Architecture » Boxhome | tisdag, januari 6, 2009

    […] Ceci n’est pas un chalet ou un sauna, mais une maison compacte, plus exactement un prototype de 19 m2 réalisé par l’agence d’architecte norvégienne Rintala Eggertsson. Boxhome malgré ses quelques mètres carrés possède quatre pièces; une cuisine sur mesure, salle de bains, salon et chambre à coucher. Boxhome était une tentative d’étude sur la  production de petites maisons qui permettent une économie considérable et des avantages écologiques. Plus d’infos par ici. Via Belowtheclouds. […]

  • mathias mattos | tisdag, januari 6, 2009

    Box House, by Sami Rintala | #architecture

  • ArchitectureDemarest | tisdag, januari 6, 2009

    RT @mathiasmattos: Box House, by Sami Rintala | #architecture

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