One Crystal Chandelier

One Crystal Chandelier (1)

Thomas Feichtner was born in Brazil in 1970 but got his design education in Germany and Austria. Something you almost can see from his clean (northern European) style. Most recently it can been seen on One Crystal Chandelier, a minimalistic interpretation of crystal chandeliers that Thomas Feichtner have done in cooperation with J & L Lobmeyr. Instead of using old style light bulbs or even older candles One Crystal Chandelier uses LEDs that reflects of a single, suspended crystal. Wonderful if you ask me.

> Thomas Feichtner
> J & L Lobmeyr

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  • Chandelier Crystal par Thomas Feichtner | Blog Esprit-Design : tendance Design / Deco | Wednesday, April 13, 2011

    […] Le designer autrichien Thomas Feichtner affectionne le minimalisme, le dépouillement tout en préservant une certaine idée du chic. Sa dernière création nommée Crystal Chandelier vient naturellement s’inscrire dans cette tendance, en collaboration avec J&L Lobmeyr. […]

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    […] One Crystal Chandelier è stato progettato in collaborazione con J & L Lobmeyr; le solite lampade ad incandescenza sono sostituite da LED. […]

  • Classic Crystal Chandelier to Create a Unique Interpretation for your Room | Furniture Design | Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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  • Crystal Chandelier, Minimalist Crystal Chandelier In Neomodern Style | - architecture | Furniture | interior decorating | Wednesday, April 13, 2011

    […] This is definitely worth buying because it will look great in any modern interior of a traditional or romantic. The unique design makes it almost universal. Clear and minimalist style that is reflected very well in a unique interpretation of a classic crystal chandelier, Crystal Chandeliers One with LED lights shine from below. You can choose your own number and hang crystals as much as you like. This is the work by Thomas Feichter which is a designer from Brazil who was educated in Austria and Germany. Perhaps because he was absorbing minimalist that is characteristic of Germany. (blueantstudio, belowtheclouds) […]

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