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A bit of a chicken

Litt av en kylling (1)

When I think of pre marinated chicken I see the boring a uninspiring packing from Swedish Kronfågel. Luckily there is some companies in the world that dare to be playful and stand out a bit, unfortunately you can’t find their products in Sweden. The company in question is Prior who makes Litt av en Kylling (a bit of a chicken) and the company behind the design is Dinamo Design. The design might be a bit to childish for some but I for one would love to see a bigger variation of styles among our Swedish brands.

> Prior
> Dinamo Design

Litt av en kylling (2)

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  • Joakim | Tuesday, April 26, 2011

    Litt av en kylling blev nominerad i klassen Pakningsdesign — Redesign i fredags på Visuelt (Norges motsvarighet till Guldägget/Kolla)

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