Bistro coffee pot by Nick Munro

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When designer Nick Munro and his wife Ali went on their honeymoon to Turkey they bought an classic Turkish bistro coffee pot with a beautifully ornate handle. Years later Nick Munro saw the same type of coffee pot in a Paris bistro. After being reintroduced to the classic Turkish design he decided to do a modern interpretation of the pot. The result is a wonderful 19 cm tall stainless steel bistro pot with a dark ebony handle. As a lover of kurbits and arabesque, and tasteful modern interpretation of the two styles I’m considering getting one for myself.

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  • Sebastian Lofvall | Thursday, April 28, 2011

    När jag ser Nick Munros Bistrobryggare inser jag att jag borde byta min. Övertalad! #BelowTheClouds

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