Delta by RBW

Delta I

Delta is a series of lamps by the design trio Rich Brilliant Willing. The inspiration for the series comes from propulsion systems and rooftop vents. The series comes in four sizes and two colors (black and white). All the black lamps are lined with gold foil that gives them a wonderful luster and a warm glow that makes the lamps more look like afterburner than a lamp.

> Rich Brilliant Willing

Delta II

Delta III

Delta IV

Delta I Table / Floor

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  • Delta lamp series | Interior Design, Interior Decorating, Trends & News - | Monday, August 29, 2011

    […] Tweet”>Delta lamp series of design trio Rich Brilliant Willing draws its inspiration from the round ventilation ducts and jet engines. The series comes in four different designs and two colors (black and white). The black lights has a gilt interior and the golden glow from the lights makes them more similar to an afterburner than a lamp. via […]

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